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We feel we should create a digital journal to share with you a cool kind of lifestyle.

BACKSTAGE will be a sharing and approach digital platform. We want to share stories, tell you about what is new, what is happening, disclose firsthand new projects, new brands, new spots. Our lifestyle it’s all about trends, creativity, design, travelling and discover all the good things from around the world. It’s really all about good feelings.

Share what inspires us, who inspires us and our motivation. Here you will have access to trendy issues, exclusive information, events, giveaways and little surprises.

We’ve joined a group of cool girls that live with passion, enjoying every moments and that love what they do – they are the main contributors. Sometimes we will have special contributors that will hang out with us for a bit and share their stories, projects and dreams.

We live in a constant adventure, we don't stop working on new things, having new ideas and thinking about new projects, and this is one of them. We want to build a tribe together, make friends and have fun!

We have many content and headings we want to introduce in the journal, so many news will come in the near future.

We want that BACKSTAGE to be a sharing space - talk with us whenever you want. Simply say us 'Hello!'. We will always be here to say you 'Hello' back and to answer everything you want to know!

We hope you enjoy! Welcome to BACKSTAGE.