Wake up in the bustling New York and fall asleep in the slow pace of a simultaneously peaceful and cosmopolitan Lisbon. In between, enough time to stretch the yoga mat while restoring the energies of a long day - sometimes strenuous, but always filled with unique moments and details. 

In the handbag, your life: the smartphone on one side, the notebook on the other, and an endless number of accessories tailored to those who don’t miss anything. Everything is thought to the detail and all the details count.

She is not just a woman, she is an urban, trendy, sophisticated woman who creates her own success. Anywhere in the world.

For her and from she Pop the Bubble is born. A brand where style and trends intersect, bringing to a unique space the best in the lifestyle world. A brand where trends merge with fun and where small details are not just notes, but ways of being in life.

It all began on a trip, which multiplied by a thousand, and which still continues today. The mission? Discover the most original accessories and make them available to the most creative and urban minds, cosmopolitan and sophisticated, who don’t miss, for a second, the coolest side of life.

A celebration of beauty that comes from the four corners of the world, perfect for whom life is a journey and a constant inspiration. Because if the tomorrow is unknown, the certainty that it will be beautiful is the breath of fresh air that we need.

Pop the Bubble — About

A message from the founder,


Welcome to Pop the Bubble.

We are all about beautiful things. We love to travel the world and discover the coolest new brands and products, and bring them together just for you.

Pop the Bubble is about sharing: we encourage and celebrate uniqueness and think that all of us should express ourselves in an authentic way through fashion, lifestyle, design, and culture. What we use in our everyday life should unequivocally convey our style and vision.

We are absolutely focused on a curatorial work inspired by what women want. We want to connect with stylist gals out there and create a cool new lifestyle, full of creativity and trendy, beautiful things.

Hope you love it!

Pop the Bubble — signature


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